How Fresh Are Your Beauty Products?

One of the impetuses (impeti?) for starting Sugared Beauty happened at one of the natural food stores near our town.  In a corner of the store sat a few humble organic beauty products, all of which had a thick layer of dust sitting atop their lids.  I picked up a jar of moisturizer and was delighted at its ingredients.

Still, I was torn.  I wanted to buy this product, but I was worried about how long it had been sitting on the shelf.  Organic ingredients naturally have a shorter shelf life than synthetic ones, and many brands must balance this with the addition of questionable preservatives.  In the end, these additives may negate some of the benefits of having the organic ingredients in the first place.

As the wheels in my head started going round and round, the idea of fresh skin care became more of a priority.  I wanted the organic ingredients but I didn’t want the preservatives.  I wanted to know when the product was made, not necessarily how many months I had until I should throw it away.

Since then I’ve done some digging to find out on average how long it takes for a typical commercial  beauty product to make its way from the manufacturer to your medicine cabinet.

I haven’t been able to find out.

If anyone has better luck, please let me know.  But the more I dig without finding any information, the more suspicious I get that many beauty products, organic or otherwise, sit around a lot longer than any of us might think before we pluck them from the shelf and take them home.

Earlier I mentioned the different impeti (the dictionary says ‘impetuses’) for Sugared Beauty.  At its core is my commitment to creating beauty products with organic ingredients that are made fresh for you.  You’ll know how long it’s been around by the date printed on the label.  That’s why you won’t see any parabens or other synthetic preservatives in my products.

They simply don’t need them.


About SugaredBeauty

Owner of Sugared Beauty, LLC, a line of handmade beauty products made with pure, organic ingredients that resemble your favorite desserts!
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