Sugared Beauty and You: Thoughts on Creating a Personal Connection in Person and Online

I’ve had the chance to do some local deliveries this week!  It’s been such a neat diversion, and I wish I could do that for all of you.  I love being able to hand over a pretty bag full of freshly made skin care and meeting you in person. (And it sure beats handing over my carefully packaged boxes to the grumpy guy at the post office!)

While I don’t know if Sugared Beauty will ever have a bona fide brick and mortar, I would like to have more face-to-face interactions with you. Perhaps I could have the first rolling cart of beauty products. You know, like the old days: “She rolls in with her cart full of goodies, only to roll off into the sunset in search of the next town in need of freshly made beauty products.”

All right, maybe not that exactly.

The answer seems to lie in creating the most personal experience possible both online and in person. Today I had the chance to meet a girl whom I met on the Healthy Beauty Social. The HBS is a network for brands and beauties who want a place to ask questions and learn about brands that are both safe and effective. I feel like I actually know many of the women who interact on that site, and when I met one of them in person today, it felt like she was already a friend.

If you haven’t checked it out already, I highly recommend it!  And in the meantime, I’m going to keep looking for more ways for you to feel connected to Sugared Beauty, whether or not I ever get to hand deliver your order!


About SugaredBeauty

Owner of Sugared Beauty, LLC, a line of handmade beauty products made with pure, organic ingredients that resemble your favorite desserts!
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