The Contents of My Desk.

This is Not My Desk, But Isn't it Beautiful? Credit: Melissa-Lissame. Creative Commons

Allow me to describe the contents of my desk.

To my left is an iron, a baggie full of almonds, a wine glass with a few dregs of shiraz from over a week ago, a pedometer, my camera, a half-eaten banana, a stack of various credit cards, my Square reader, and the last few Christmas cards I didn’t get around to sending.

To my right: a to-do list for the day, my iTouch, a pen, a role of packing tape, two pregnancy tests (unopened, btw), a candle, a book of checks, a headband, three blank CD’s and a pencil holder full of mediocre pens, a nail clipper and a few scraps of paper.

My desk is a bona fide mess.

Most of the time I’m strangely comforted by being surrounded with all this stuff. Other times, like today, it drives me crazy and I want to shovel it all into the garbage.

But I know better than to do that. The things on my desk are most likely the things that I’m actually going to use/need soon. If it makes it on my desk it has a higher chance of survival than say, the stuff under my bed.


I have this dream of having a Real Simple-esque office. It has minimal but classy decor and only a few useful effects sitting upon a pristine desk. The walls are white or ecru and they’re adorned with a few colorful photos by Little Brown Pen.  It’s from here that I compose witty blog posts and tweets, make friends on Facebook and thank my customers for their many purchases. I think that will always be something of a far off dream. Maybe I can produce that kind of content, but the desk?  I wonder.

Today’s to-do list contains several items, one of which reads, “clean off desk, yo!”

Wish me luck!


About SugaredBeauty

Owner of Sugared Beauty, LLC, a line of handmade beauty products made with pure, organic ingredients that resemble your favorite desserts!
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