Winter Beauty Tips – Friday Finds Volume 4

Happy Face as Mask? Oh Yes.

Has it been a warm winter where you are?  I was starting to wonder if it would ever really feel like winter here in Pennsylvania, but this week I’ve finally felt it. Big time.

This Friday I want to help you find ways to brace your face for the remaining winter months!

Exfoliate Less

What? The girl who makes sugar scrubs says to use them less?!  Why yes…at least while the the winter lasts, that is.

Sugar scrubs help to naturally promote cell turn over, reduce fine lines and keep skin naturally smooth and soft, but too much scrubbing can also strip the skin’s natural defenses against the cold.

A little of your face’s natural oil isn’t always a bad thing, so reduce facial exfoliating to about once a week, and be sure you’re using a gentle exfoliant with fine granules.  Especially on the face.

Tone Down the Toner

Many natural toners don’t strip the skin like commercial toners can, but they can still be naturally drying (which is why I love them in the summer).  If you have naturally oily skin or still prefer to use a toner, look for one without any alcohol and always, always read the ingredients.  I love dabbing my T-zone with a little witch hazel spiked with lavender essential oil.

Moisturize More

Cold air can dry out skin like little else, so I use a heavier cream during the winter instead of my lighter summer cream.  I usually carry around a bit of moisturizer with me to dab on the areas that start to feel dry during the day.

When ever I make a batch of Sugared Beauty’s Cocoa Butter Lotion Bar, I always make an extra one (or two) for me.  It’s purse-sized, paraben-free and packed with organic raw cocoa butter and organic unrefined coconut oil, two powerful weapons against dryness (and crows feet!)

How do you adjust your skin care regime in the winter?


About SugaredBeauty

Owner of Sugared Beauty, LLC, a line of handmade beauty products made with pure, organic ingredients that resemble your favorite desserts!
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