Free Samples for Presidents’ Day!

*Shouting into a megaphone in the middle of the town square*

“Samples!  Who…Wants…Samples!”

Gosh, can you imagine?

Try All Three Flavors of Sugared Beauty's New Body Wash

But seriously: I know how I like to shop for beauty products, which is to say that I like to try before I buy.  I’m a tester, and I like to know I’ll love something before I commit to buying the full size.

I imagine you may be similar?

This weekend is a great time to stock up on the Sugared Beauty products you already know you love, and every product order over $25 will get three deluxe samples of my brand new body washes, one of each flavor: Sugared Lemonade, Refreshmint and Lavender Cupcake.  Try all three, and find out which is your favorite!

Happy Presidents’ Day!  Or: Happy Great-Excuse-to-Have-a-Special-Day!  (But I am very thankful for our president.  I know I couldn’t do his job.)

Organic Body Washes by Sugared Beauty in Three Magnificent Flavors


About SugaredBeauty

Owner of Sugared Beauty, LLC, a line of handmade beauty products made with pure, organic ingredients that resemble your favorite desserts!
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2 Responses to Free Samples for Presidents’ Day!

  1. Andrew Z says:

    I got to test some of these lovely samples … and I love ’em!

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