Introducing: Sugared Beauty *Raw*

A few days ago I ran out of face cream.  You may recall my attempts a while back at making body butters, and I must admit that success in this area has continued to evade me.   While I use my own products almost exclusively, moisturizer is the one thing I just haven’t been able to master.

It was late, my face was starting to feel tight, and in that moment I turned to something I should have considered long ago:

Sugared Beauty’s raw ingredients.

I grabbed a bit of grapeseed oil and organic argan oil off the shelf of would-be lotions and creams and smoothed a few drops of both all over my face.  And you know what?

I loved it.

Grapeseed oil, natural face moisturizer

Cold-Pressed Grapeseed Oil at Sugared Beauty

Grapeseed oil is an amazing eye makeup remover!  It also absorbs nicely into my skin and doesn’t feel greasy.

Organic Argan Oil at Sugared Beauty

And what can I say about Argan oil? Light, beautiful, organic Argan oil. 

Just a few drops’ll do ya, and I’ve already noticed a difference on my pesky smile lines.

It can also be used as a hair-serum to combat fly-aways and frizziness.

Check out this great article for some terrific info on the benefits of Organic Argan Oil.  I’d started to compile a post myself, but this one really takes the cake.


In honor of this discovery, I’ve added both of these raw ingredients to my shop.  Oh yes, my friends, you can now purchase organic, cold-pressed, the real-deal Argan Oil at Sugared Beauty.

Sugared Beauty Raw is my line of pure, raw, honest-to-goodness ingredients.   I’ll probably be adding a few more delicious items to the line in the next couple of weeks or so, so stay tuned!  Have a suggestion?  Let me know.




About SugaredBeauty

Owner of Sugared Beauty, LLC, a line of handmade beauty products made with pure, organic ingredients that resemble your favorite desserts!
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