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Everybody Loves a Gag Reel.

Oh, friends. As you get to know me better, you’ll see my silly side more and more.  Yes, I’m serious about skin care and I seriously believe that Sugared Beauty’s products are among the best you can buy, but I’m … Continue reading

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Free Product, Free Shipping, Free Samples

Those are my favorite things to get when I shop. My guess is that they may be your favorites, too.  Add a top-shelf product and some excellent customer service, and you’ve got yourself a match made in heaven. Introducing: The … Continue reading

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Christmas in July Sale!

Whooeee!  It’s HOT out there!  Let’s think of cooler days, shall we?  My mind instantly goes to Snowmageddon of February 2010 during which my husband fell into a giant mound of snow (on purpose). I also think of Christmas, and … Continue reading

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New at the Shop: Etsy Direct Checkout – An Alternative to PayPal!

I’m a fan of PayPal. Even so, when Etsy sent me an email announcing that Sugared Beauty’s shop could now accept credit cards directly through Etsy, I was thrilled! This means that you’ll have the option of checking out with … Continue reading

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Free Samples for Presidents’ Day!

*Shouting into a megaphone in the middle of the town square* “Samples!  Who…Wants…Samples!” Gosh, can you imagine? But seriously: I know how I like to shop for beauty products, which is to say that I like to try before I … Continue reading

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Name that Sugar Scrub! (Part II)

A couple of weeks ago I asked you, kind readers, to help me choose the name of my peppermint sugar scrub.  Both here and on Facebook you put on your thinking caps and came up with some amazing names!  Among … Continue reading

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Free Sample Trio with Purchase!

I like to tuck a little something special into each order, whether it be a free sample, a note, or a coupon code for next time.  I aim to treat my customers the way I like being treated, and I … Continue reading

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Farewell for Now, Farmers Market in Hershey!

As the days get shorter and the leaves get crunchier, I am slowly accepting the fact that fall is here. Last Thursday was my last day at the Farmers Market in Hershey.  Even as I expand to other markets and … Continue reading

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Same Product, Different Title: Changes to Item Listings on Etsy

Etsy, the host of my online shop, has recently responded to requests for a stronger, more relevant search system within their site.  They’ve completely revamped how people find products, namely through improved keyword searches. Thanks to their search systems, I’ve … Continue reading

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New Uses for the Cocoa Butter Lotion Bar: Lip Balm and Under Eye Cream!

“Your Cocoa Butter lotion bar makes an amazing lip balm…one of the best ones I’ve ever used :)” This comment came through my Facebook page the other day.  Her comment astounded me, because she was using this product in a … Continue reading

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