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Savvy Shopping at Sugared Beauty

This post was inspired by a customer who recently saved 14% on her entire order. There wasn’t a sale going on, and she didn’t use a single coupon code. How did she do it? I’m so glad you asked. I … Continue reading

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A Face Lift for My Face Cleanser

Several months ago I introduced a foaming gel version of Happy Face.  It’s designed to be the perfect compliment to its exfoliating sibling, perfect for daily use and sensitive skin. At first I bought these neat bottles that had a … Continue reading

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Free Product, Free Shipping, Free Samples

Those are my favorite things to get when I shop. My guess is that they may be your favorites, too.  Add a top-shelf product and some excellent customer service, and you’ve got yourself a match made in heaven. Introducing: The … Continue reading

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There’s a New Cleanser in Town!

So…it’s been a busy few weeks. This time of year seems to be the perfect time to introduce new products.  Last month came the arrival of my new Moisturizing Body Washes, in three of the shop’s favorite flavors: Sugared Lemonade, … Continue reading

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Winter Beauty Tips – Friday Finds Volume 4

Has it been a warm winter where you are?  I was starting to wonder if it would ever really feel like winter here in Pennsylvania, but this week I’ve finally felt it. Big time. This Friday I want to help … Continue reading

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