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Free Samples for Presidents’ Day!

*Shouting into a megaphone in the middle of the town square* “Samples!  Who…Wants…Samples!” Gosh, can you imagine? But seriously: I know how I like to shop for beauty products, which is to say that I like to try before I … Continue reading

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Sneak Peak: Grab My Newest Product for FREE Before it Hits the Shelves!

A lot of my time in the “Lab” (read: Kitchen) lately has been spent working on a line of yummy lip balms to add to my line.  I know there are easy-peasy pre-made versions that I could melt down and … Continue reading

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Sugared Beauty: Coming Soon to a Farmers Market Near You

So I did it: I mailed in my application for this year’s Farmers Market in Hershey.  I’m so excited at the prospect of being a part of this amazing market again! Last year,  they took me on sight unseen for … Continue reading

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How Fresh Are Your Beauty Products?

One of the impetuses (impeti?) for starting Sugared Beauty happened at one of the natural food stores near our town.  In a corner of the store sat a few humble organic beauty products, all of which had a thick layer … Continue reading

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La, La, Lotion Bar!

On the heels of last week’s launch of Happy Face, I introduce a softer side of Sugared Beauty: the Lotion Bar. It’s an amalgamation of organic cocoa butter and organic virgin coconut oil, topped with a frosting of beeswax and … Continue reading

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A New Way to Moisturize…Launching Soon at Sugared Beauty!

Lately, most of my Sugared Beauty hours have been spent in the lab (read: kitchen).  One morning last week, inspiration hit (sometimes it happens so suddenly!) and  after a few hours of experimenting, Sugared Beauty’s newest addition is nearly ready … Continue reading

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The Beginning of the Sugared Beauty Brand! Part One!

Here it is, my friends!  Below is my first video in a series that will help you learn more about Sugared Beauty, from the inside out! It’s important to me that you feel a personal connection to the skin care, … Continue reading

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